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XF-S6 Precious Metal Analyzer

XF-S6 precious metal analyzer is an X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer made by CFAN Instrument and which can be widely used in jewelry factories, Labs and recycling industries. It could support composition analysis, coating thickness detection and RoHS detection. The machine adopt the most advanced customized Fast-SDD detector, built-in Intel i5 quad-core CPU industrial computer, with Smart FP algorithm and adopts a new vertical optical path, the test of analyzer is fast, stable and accurate and high cost performance.

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Analysis elements


Multiple collimators

ϕ0.5mm/ ϕ1.5mm

Smarter algorithm

Simultaneous analysis of thickness and composition

Test accuracy

±0.01%(9999 Gold)

Wide application

Metal/liquid/ jewelry coating/ RoHS

After-sales service

24x7 service