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Precious Metal Ore

In the mining of gold ore, it's necessary to determine the trend of the ore vein and the value of mining according to the results of the grade analysis of the gold ore mined. A major challenge facing the precious metal mining industry (gold, silver, platinum metals) is to produce consistently high-grade concentrates at very high recoveries. Currently, most of the grade analysis of gold ore is still limited to fire assay and gravimetric methods. Traditional methods such as the cyanoquinone volumetric method require high operator experience, are technically difficult. The test conditions are limited, and the amount of toxic chemical reagents is large. The operation is cumbersome and the pollution is serious.

CFAN gold tester can be used for the determination of gold in raw ore and tailings, analytical precious, lean liquid and cyanide gold leaching liquid in gold mines. It can directly, quickly and accurately test those pre-treated ores, leaching precious liquid, and lean liquid.

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