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XF-S5700 Silicone Oil Coating Analyzer

XF-S5700 Silicone oil coating analyzer is an X-ray fluorescence spectrometer for surface density detection of silicone oil coating, which can be widely used in the management of product process and cost in the silicone oil coating industry. This product can not only analyze PET film, but also the coating amount of various silicone oils such as glassine, coated paper and kraft paper. The machine also supports the optional multi-position turntable, after the samples are installed, 10 sample positions can be detected at one time. The test of analyzer is fast, stable and accurate.

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Analysis elements


Test accuracy


Analysis type

PET film /all kinds of release paper

Easy operation

Detection without pretreatment

Test multiple-samples at a time

Autonomous analysis of up to 10 samples

After-sale guarantee

24x7 service