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XF-S5 2024 Multi-applications XRF

XF-S5 X-ray fluorescence spectrometers is a new high-end spectrometers with upgraded optical paths launched by CFAN Instrument in 2024, which can be widely used in the precious metal industry, electroplating industry, gemstone industry and other industries. The product adopts an imported US-customized Fast SDD detector, a built-in twelve-core CPU computer, supports the Smart FP algorithm, and innovatively applies CFAN's second-generation X-ray and visible light co-focused vertical light path, which can obtain smaller actual irradiation focal spots. Meanwhile, it supports precious metal composition analysis, gemstone composition analysis, coating thickness analysis, ion concentration analysis, etc., with fast detection speed, good test stability and high accuracy. 

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Analysis elements


Test accuracy

±0.01% (9999 gold)

Upgraded optical system

Smaller X-ray focus spot

High performance

customized Fast SDD detector

Wide application


High test efficiency

supporting multi-point continuous test