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XF-S6 2024 Multi-applications XRF

The XF-S6 2024 analyzer is an upgraded X-ray fluorescence spectrometer developed by CFAN Instrument in 2024 for S6. It is a highly versatile tool used in various industries, including precious metals, electroplating, and gemstones. The product features a customized Fast-SDD detector imported from the US and a built-in twelve-core, twelve-thread CPU industrial control computer. It adopts the second generation of CFAN's X-ray and visible light confocal light path and the newest intelligent FP algorithm. Furthermore, it supports precious metal composition analysis, gemstone composition analysis, coating thickness analysis, ion concentration analysis, and more. It delivers fast detection speed, good test stability and accuracy.

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Analysis elements


Test accuracy

±0.01% (9999 gold)

upgraded optical system

Smaller X-ray focus spot



Wide application


High test efficiency

supporting multi-point continuous test