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Historical products

EXF6308(Precious metal tester)

EXF7200(Precious metal tester)

EXF7800(Precious metal tester)

EXF8200S(Precious metal tester)

EXF9500(Precious metal tester)

EXF9600(Precious metal tester)

EXF9900(Precious metal tester)

XF-A6(Precious metal tester)

XRF-W7(RoHS analyzer)

XRF-W8(RoHS analyzer)

Remark: All above products were independently developed, produced and sold by CFAN .It has been discontinued due to product upgrades and iterations, but CFAN still provides the technical support, after-sales service for customers.

If you have any questions, please consult online service or call the after-sales hotline: 400-688-5591.