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Coating Thickness

How to accurately, quickly and non-destructively detect the coating thickness of materials is a challenge. If the coating is too thin, the final material may fail prematurely in actual use due to corrosion, wear or poor electrical contact of electronic components. Too thick coating will affect the assembling method of complex materials and increase the cost of plating (such as engine parts). For jewelry surface coatings, the correct thickness is essential to ensure the aesthetics of the finished product; if the coating thickness is wrong, the entire assembly will need to be reworked or scrapped.

CFAN coating thickness analyzer can simultaneously analyze the thickness and component content of multi-layer coatings, and could detect PCB, semiconductors, electroplating solutions and tiny parts of micro connectors. Accurate, fast, and non-destructive capabilities help increase productivity, control product quality and cost, avoid costly rework or component scrapping of enterprise.

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