Precious Metal TesterEXF9900

Product introduction

In the field of precious metal detection, traditional analysis methods such as litmus test method, cupellation, fire assay method belongs to destructive testing, such as a consuming and dangerous, and sample preparation process takes longer.And X-ray fluorescence spectrometry technology is relatively mature, can achieve real-time analysis, nondestructive testing, does not require any consumables, and precision can reach four digits after the decimal point, is the development direction of affordable precious metal detection technology in our country.West that gold and silver detector manufactured technology reference is X ray fluorescence spectrometry this advanced precious metals testing technology.

Precious metal detector EXF9900 is west every technology based on years of precious metal detection technology and experience, independent research and development production of X-ray fluorescence spectrum detector, one of the high-end detector is a top-level configuration of all elements.It is equipped with imported top SDD detector, the use of aircraft design, high-end atmosphere, with research and development of more than a dozen patents, outstanding performance, small size light weight, in line with the new national standard GB18043-2013, can be accurate detection of gold and silver jewelry.

A cabinet and delicate EXF9900 precious metal detector

Product advantage

High cost performance

Can fast accurate detection of various precious metal, widely applied!

Nondestructive testing

Will not cause any damage to measured sample jewelry and so on.

Operation is simple and smart

Automated testing without a unique key testing capabilities, with professional personnel

Fast for Testing

Qualitative 3 seconds, 7 seconds can be intuitive results.

Easy to Bring

The integration of design, small footprint, easy to carry and management.

Safe and durable

Have anti-radiation function, the machine more than 10 years of life

High precision

PPM level accuracy, reliable testing data, plus or minus 0.01% of the detection precision

The operational safety

Equipped with radiation protection devices, and active protection operation safety.


Technical parameters

Equipment principles: X fluorescence energy dispersion

Accuracy: ±0.01%

Machine resolution:129±5eV

Detector: top SDD probe

temperature: - 11 ~ 46 ℃

Built-in capacitive touch LED: OLED (9.7 inches)

Size: 670×330×400mm

Label printer: support

Normal printer: support

Thermal printer: support

Balance/density meter: support

Whether the battery support:NO

Built-in industrial control computer:YEs

Voltage: 100 v to 240 v

Rated power: 150 w


Standard configuration

•active radiation protection    

•global fault diagnosis  
•extension wire and auxiliary support
•high voltage over voltage protection  

•lifting pressure started
•light tube of protection

 • expanded screen

Areas of application:

•jewelry store
•gold and silver COINS, collectors
• jewelry factory
• jewelry school
• professional laboratory
• quality inspection institutions
•metal handicraft industry
•Precious metals smelting,
•Purification of precious metals,
•Precious metals recycling,
•geoscientific prospecting
•Industry, rare metals
•alloy material detection


Choose western products that EXF9900 the four reasons:

Nondestructive testing
Precious metal is scarce and precious, let cupellation traditional destructive testing methods, such as more and more is not applicable, the market urgently needs a kind of fast, accurate and nondestructive detection method, and X-ray fluorescence spectrometry is nothing but the best precious metals NDT methods

Good faith to show
Adulteration phenomenon of gold and silver jewelry, let customers distrust for businesses, and businesses with the silver and gold detector can show the image of the good faith management to customers.

Avoid trading risk
Society on gold and silver jewelry adulteration phenomenon occurs frequently, both businesses and customers for this huge losses, while the west every technology of gold and silver detector can let the real content of gold and silver jewelry accurately present, in the fair and open market environment, nature can avoid trading risk.

More competitive
The trust of the customers can bring more revenue to the jewelry store, so as to enhance the market competitiveness.The current domestic and foreign many gold and silver jewelry stores are equipped with detector, which is one of the reasons they can maintain a strong competitiveness in the industry.

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